Exodus launches new Luxury Adventure Collection
Safari in Kenya

Exodus launches new Luxury Adventure Collection

TORONTO — Small-group tour operator Exodus Travels has a new Luxury Adventure Collection that the company says will take travellers “to the farthest reaches of the planet in high style”.

Each trip in the collection combines adventure abroad with the extravagance of a five-star getaway and itineraries have been designed to allow curious and discerning travelers to explore the world’s most remote and captivating destinations without compromising on comfort, adds Exodus.

“We at Exodus have always believed there is a time and place for all styles of travel,” says Robin Brooks, Marketing Manager. “This carefully curated portfolio has been handcrafted to marry the very best of our 45+ years of global adventure and exploration expertise with special services, elite experiences and luxury properties reminiscent of ‘The Golden Age of travel’.”

Trips in the new collection include:

  • A 15-day Kenya & Tanzania Masai Mara Immersion Safari, from US$11,281 per person
  • A 10-day Galapagos Island Voyage – Remote Central and Northern Islands, from $8,331 per person
  • A 10-day Costa Rica to Panama Voyage, from $7,248 per person
  • A nine-day Amazon Rainforest Cruise onboard Exodus’ new eco-cruise ship, the Zafiro, from $6,107 per person
  • A 10-day Galapagos Island Voyage – Darwin’s Enchanted Isle onboard the Evolution, from $10,331 per person
  • A 15-day Kenya & Tanzania Serengeti Survey Safari, from US$9,881 per person
  • A 10-day Antarctica, Falklands & South Georgia via Buenos Aires trip from $10,331 per person

Exodus operates in 100+ countries with 600+ tours; see exodustravels.com for more information.

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