Eurail’s ‘Extra Days Promotion’ is back

Eurail’s ‘Extra Days Promotion’ is back

NEW YORK — Eurail is bringing back its hugely popular ‘Extra Days Promotion’, offering travellers up to five additional free travel days on all Eurail Passes purchased now through March 31.

The limited-time offer is available across Eurail’s entire portfolio of passes, from the Global Pass to the One Country Pass, and can be purchased up to 11 months before departure.

“The Extra Days Promotion gives guests the possibility to travel more extensively across Europe,” said Silvia Fischer, Eurail Group G.I.E. Sales & Marketing Manager. “Visitors can tick off both the major landmarks, as well as charming, lesser-known villages, culminating in an authentically European experience that they won’t soon forget.”

The offer is as follows:

Eurail Global Passes

  • 1 extra travel day on five- and seven-day within one month flexi Passes
  • 2 extra travel days on 10- and 15-day within two months flexi Passes, and 15-day continuous passes
  • 3 extra travel days on 22-day continuous Passes
  • 5 extra travel days on one-month continuous Passes

Eurail Select Passes

  • 1 extra travel day on two, three and four country Select Passes

Eurail One Country Passes

  • 1 extra travel day on three-, four-, five-, or eight-day within one month standard passes
  • 1 extra trip on one-month Greek Islands Pass

Global Passes afford visitors the flexibility to explore up to 28 European countries at their own pace. The Eurail Select and One Country Passes provide a number of itinerary options by rail and sea for guests wanting to experience between one and four participating Eurail countries.

Teamed with other great budget-friendly options like the permanent extension of the Youth Fare age cap from 25 to 27 years, offering up to 35 percent off the standard First Class Adult Fare, as well as the children travel for free program, the ‘Extra Days Promotion’ makes seeing Europe with Eurail all the more attractive this year.

Eurail Passes are available from a worldwide network of Authorised General Sales Agents. For more information visit:

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