Eurail offers 20% discount on all passes purchased through Dec. 31

Eurail offers 20% discount on all passes purchased through Dec. 31

NEW YORK — Through Dec. 31, Eurail is making it even more affordable for travellers to book their 2017 European vacations with a promotion that includes 20% off all Eurail passes.

With the discount, One Country Passes start at $58, Select Passes for two, three or four bordering countries start at $126, and Global Passes that allow travel through any of Eurail’s 28 member countries start at $286. These generous savings are on top of the regular year-round perks that come with purchasing a Pass, like no luggage fees, no pricey airport transfers, city centre arrivals, and children 11 years of age and under travel free.

Other benefits of a Eurail Pass include free access to VIP lounges in the main train stations of Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden, plus 50% off on tripwolf’s Unlimited Packages, including travel guides for over 600 destinations.

Eurail Pass holders also get more than 35% off a Global Roaming SIM Card Package covering 31 countries within Europe, plus a 20% discount for both standard and special fares of all ferry routes operated by Grimaldi Lines connecting Greece, Spain, Sicily and Sardinia.

A 50% Hotelcard AG discount is exclusively offered to Eurail customers, as well as a 20% discount on city sightseeing bus tours in Genova, Firenze, Livorno, Milano, Napoli, Padova, Pisa, Roma, Torino, Trieste and Verona.

A complete list of pass benefits available for each country is available via the free Eurail Rail Planner App:

This year, Eurail extended the Pass purchase period from six to 11 months prior to departure, meaning Europhiles can buy now, save now and travel later. Eurail Passes are available from a worldwide network of Authorized General Sales Agents. For more information visit:

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