An estimated 100,000 travellers stuck at Chinese train station
People going toward trains on main railway station in Guangzhou last year.

An estimated 100,000 travellers stuck at China train station

Tens of thousands of travellers trying to head home for Lunar New Year celebrations were stuck for hours at a train station in China, reports CNN.

After snow delayed at least 22 trains, vast crowds were left stranded at Guangzhou Railway Station in southern China. According to Guangzhou Railway Crop, which issued a statement on Tuesday, approximately 38,000 passengers were stuck. But China’s People’s Daily reported that the crowd was closer to 100,000.

The Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau (PSB) deployed 1,300 extra officers to the railway station as well as issued an emergency alert.

China’s annual Spring Festival migration, during which millions of Chinese workers head to their hometowns for the Lunar New Year, kicked off on Jan. 24 and lasts for around 40 days. It was earlier reported that an approximate 2.9 billion trips will be made during this period this year, including 332 million trips by train.