Enterprise Holdings pledges $120M to fight social inequity and community hunger

Enterprise Holdings pledges $120M to fight social inequity and community hunger

TORONTO — Enterprise Holdings Foundation is doing its part to give back in a big way, launching a new initiative and expanding an existing one to promote social equality and community outreach.

According to Enterprise Holdings Foundation President Carolyn Kindle Betz, the new initiative, called Enterprise Holdings ROAD Forward, will focus on diversity, equity and inclusions. Enterprise Holdings ‘Fill Your Tank’ initiative, meanwhile, has been expanded for another five years to benefit global food banks.

“Diversity, inclusion and strengthening the communities where we operate have been part of our guiding principles for more than 60 years,” she said. “The Enterprise ROAD Forward initiative will open new doors for individuals in our communities who are disproportionately affected by lack of access to resources in the areas of education, health and wellness.”

Here are some highlights:


The new five-year, $55 million commitment to organizations will advance social and racial equity in communities around the world. An acronym for Respect, Opportunity, Achievement and Diversity, ROAD will address three social and racial equity gaps in need of urgent attention: early childhood development, youth health and wellness, and career and college preparation.



As part of the announcement, Enterprise Holdings is also expanding its ‘Fill Your Tank’ commitment and pledging an additional $65 million to expand the program for five more years. The funds will continue to be distributed to food backs around the world, including Food Banks Canada. Launched in 2016, the program has contributed more than $50 million to address food insecurity in local communities, an issue that often disproportionally affects people of colour.