Ensemble Travel Group hosts first in-person event post-pandemic
From left-Deana Murphy, Vice President Retail Sales at Sunwing Travel Group, David Harris, Shelley Kopys, National Client Manager, Manulife | Credit: Aydin Odyakmaz

Ensemble Travel Group hosts first in-person event post-pandemic

KANANASKIS VILLAGE — Ensemble Travel Group is back in person, having hosted the two-day ‘Executive Connect’ event earlier this month.

Marking the company’s first in-person event since the start of the pandemic, Executive Connect welcomed Canadian owners and managers at Alberta’s Kananaskis Mountain Lodge with the theme ‘Leadership in Turbulent Times.’ Key sponsors included Manulife and Sunwing.

Said CEO David Harris: “We know these past 20 months have been extraordinarily difficult and challenging for our members, but we have remained focused on ensuring we provide them with the necessary resources as they now face the challenge of restarting and rebuilding their businesses as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“While much of what has happened during the pandemic has been out of our control, we have tried to focus on what is within our control, and these member events – which we were thrilled could finally be in person – are yet another example of that.”

Keynote speaker John Casey, Executive Vice President, Director of Corporate Learning for 2Logical, led participants through several work sessions to address the specific challenges faced by business owners. He also provided tangible tactics and techniques to rebuild their businesses and teams.

Team building activities were also held, including assembling backpacks for children with books and other items that were donated to a local charity.

Executive Connect came a month after ‘Reimagine the Future,’ Ensemble’s virtual symposium that addressed various challenges as travel resumes.