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Ensemble launches training program for new-to-industry travel advisors

TORONTO — Ensemble has launched a new training program that has been custom designed for new-to-industry travel advisors.

Called the Ensemble Training Academy (ETA), the program includes fully-interactive courses, helpful resources and templates that can be downloaded to support advisors as they through the onboarding process. Advisors can complete the courses on their own, in their own time.

“While we have several members who have been with Ensemble for many years, we are also mindful that there are many newer advisors who have come into the industry more recently, or others who are looking to grow their businesses and would benefit from enhanced training,” said Michael Johnson, President of Ensemble. “We have always had some of the best training resources in the consortia space and are continuing that tradition with the launch of the ETA.”

Among the sessions offered include:

  • Building Your Business: This course focuses on the basics of lead generation, how to identify and nurture the ideal client, how to use social media, branding as well as website development.
  • Salesmanship 101: Advisors will gain insight into important sales techniques and best practices, including the art of perfect a proposal, how to engage with clients, closing the sale and managing service fees.
  • Customer Service: Modules include everything from best practices for improving customer service, to soliciting and managing client feedback.

The program also includes multiple onboarding modules specific to each vertical, including cruise, air, hotel, destination and ADX (Agent Digital Experience), Ensemble’s proprietary booking platform.

The modules are available on Ensemble’s newly updated Member Portal. 

The launch of ETA is one of several new programs that Ensemble has introduced over the past several months. These include new marketing, a hotel program, a FAM program, branding, print and digital publications including the consumer-focused ‘Range’ and ‘Range Best’ featuring partner offers. In addition, ADX is now being used by more than 2,000 members who are seeing increased commissions and enhanced profitability. 

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