Egencia scales up post-ticketing online flight changes

Egencia scales up post-ticketing online flight changes

LONDON — Expedia’s business travel TMC has launched post-ticketing online air exchange functionality “at a scale that covers travelers from all types of companies globally”.

Egencia says its clients can now change flights themselves on either desktop or mobile after they book, with instant visibility on any potential fare changes and penalties.

The TMC says that its latest Egencia Business Travel & Technology survey show that 50% of business travellers prefer to self-serve versus having to call someone to manage their travel, unless they are experiencing a problem.

“Egencia aspires to meet its clients where they are and to deliver exceptional service where they expect it. When plans change, travelers turn to their devices – desktop or mobile – to find a solution. We make it easy for them to rebook the flight they need to close that deal, or make it home for the weekend,” says Egencia’s Chief Product Officer Michael Gulmann.

In addition to the cost of changing a ticket, mobile and desktop users can also see available flight times within the same cabin class. The payment and previous seat preferences are automatically applied to new flights. The design of the service leads to a rate of touchless automation of over 80% for the new online exchange process, according to Egencia.

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