Easter Bunny hitches a ride with airline to bring stranded tourists home

AUCKLAND — Ever wonder how the Easter Bunny gets around so easily? It hitches a ride with Lufthansa.

In what will become known as a classic Easter tale, the crew of Lufthansa repatriation flight 9918 flew from Germany to New Zealand last Saturday with just one passenger onboard – the Easter Bunny.

The adorable plush bunny was named Jacinda by the crew, in honour of New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, who recently deemed the Easter Bunny as an ‘essential worker’.

According to a Facebook post by Auckland Airport, Jacinda the bunny was brought onboard by a crew member named Val, who wanted to “do her part” to uplift spirits during such difficult times. While onboard, Jacinda took over the controls in the cockpit, prepared Easter goodies while in Economy, and posed with the entire flight crew to wish everyone a Happy Easter.

Lufthansa is currently working to bring back over 10,000 stranded German tourists in New Zealand with its repatriation flights. It is not known whether Jacinda will accompany additional flights or if it hopped away following Saturday’s flight, not to be seen again until next Easter.

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