Dumbest criminal ever caught on the same hidden camera he installed on a plane

SAN DIEGO — A United Airlines passenger in first class has been charged with video voyeurism after installing a hidden camera in the plane’s bathroom.

The illegal act proves he’s a criminal. How he got caught, however, proves he’s a complete idiot.

As reported by aol.com, Choon Ping Lee, a Malaysian national, was arrested following a shocking discovery by a woman who flew on the same United Airlines flight from San Diego to Houston last month.

Upon entering the first class bathroom, the woman noticed a blinking blue light near the cabinet, close to the door hinge. Upon closer inspection, she was able to remove the device with a paper towel and hand it over to the flight crew.

Upon arrival in Houston, the crew handed over the device to United’s corporate security department, which confirmed that it was indeed a video camera. Authorities watched the footage and to their surprise, saw the perpetrator inadvertently recording himself installing the device onto the doorframe of the bathroom.

Though his face was hidden, his distinctive jewelry made it easy for FBI agents to identify him from security footage at the San Diego airport.

Choon Ping Lee was arrested shortly after.

As it turns out, this was not the first offence for Ping Lee. Deleted footage from the camera was recovered, showing photos of two other women in the bathroom on a previous Emirates flight.

Ping Lee has been officially charged with “video voyeurism within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States”, reports viewfromthewing.com. He faces a year in prison, plenty of time to kick himself for his stupidity, over and over again.