Dry skin be gone! Emirates launches moisturizing pyjamas in first class

Dry skin be gone! Emirates launches moisturizing pyjamas in first class

DUBAI — There’s nothing better than putting on a fresh new set of pyjamas and sinking into bed for the night. But leave it to Emirates to one-up this feeling with the launch of ‘moisturizing pyjamas’.

Gimmicky? Maybe. Ultra-luxurious? Most definitely. Included in first class kits, these decadent PJs use Hydra Active Microcapsule Technology to keep skin soft while flying, a must when you consider how dehydrating flying can be.

Emirates launches moisturizing pyjamas in first classAccording to an official release, the fabric gently releases naturally nutrient-rich sea kelp as you move around, preventing dehydration and stimulating circulation. So basically, the more you roll around in Emirates’ lie-flat bed, the better the pyjamas work.

To complete the set, the kits also include matching slippers and an eye mask, all of which can be taken home and enjoyed time and time again. But don’t worry about wear and tear; the microcapsule technology locks in the moisturizer to allow for frequent washings.

That’s not all! Along with the kits, amenity bags from luxury Italian brand Bvlgari are given to passengers to use in the onboard showers. They come complete with fragrances, lotions and bathroom essentials. And because passengers can never have enough luxury, a variety of spa products from Irish brand Voya are given as well.

After being pampered to their heart’s content, first-class passengers can snuggle into Emirates’ faux sheepskin blankets for the remainder of the flight. They’ll never go another flight unrested – or dry – ever again.

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