Dominica relaunches online training program for travel advisors

ROSEAU, DOMINICA — The Discover Dominica Authority (DDA) is relaunching its online training program for travel advisors.

Launching with OTT, a leading online training and marketing platform, the program gives advisors a comprehensive overview of the destination, located in the middle of the Caribbean Archipelago and known as ‘The Nature Island of the Caribbean.’

Upon completion of the course, travel advisors will become Dominica specialists and be automatically entered into a prize draw for a future Dominica FAM trip.

Canadian travel agents can enroll in the program via this link

The program is available to travel advisors in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, French West Indies, France and Germany.

There are five key modules, including:

  •  Discover Dominica: The island is a paradise for travellers seeking a unique escape off the beaten track, exploring the Caribbean beyond its renowned beaches.
  •  Land Adventures for all: Dominica is one big outdoor gym and spa, with soft to extreme adventure activities as well as spa and wellness experiences.
  •  Water Adventure for all: A wide range of underwater experiences await, from world-class diving to whale watching tours.
  •  Where to Stay, Events & Cuisine: Visitors can enjoy a vast array of accommodations, events, and traditional unique village feasts, plus exotic local foods and rums.
  •  Selling Dominica: The destination offers an abundance of activities and experiences that make Dominica a perfect holiday destination for many types of visitors.

“The continued engagement of the travel professional community forms a key strategy for the destination, where their product knowledge is essential given the critical role they play in the travel industry,” said Kimberly King, Destination Marketing Manager. “The DDA remains committed to their continued education and wants to ensure that travel advisors are well equipped to confidently sell and promote the Nature Island.”

To enroll in the program click here. For more information about Dominica, go to

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