Dogsledders were seen mushing their way through Tim Hortons drive-thru

LOWER SACKVILLE, NOVA SCOTIA — Can we be any more Canadian?

In what can be described as the most Canadian thing ever, a group of dogsledders were spotted ordering hot chocolate and Timbits at a Tim Hortons drive-thru in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia last week.

The group from East Coast Mushing, which promotes dogsledding in Atlantic Canada, can be seen in a video pulling up to the menu board with eight adorable dogs in tow. After putting in their order, they round the corner to pick up their treats from the drive-thru window. The pups, as most Canadians are prone to do, start jumping for joy at the sight of the 10-pack of Timbits.

The video, which was later posted to East Coast Mushing’s Facebook page, eventually caught the attention of Tim Hortons.

“What a precious pack of puppers! Thanks so much for stopping by ,” the company wrote.

According to the group, the outing capped off a fun-filled day of sled rides through the neighbourhood and along First Lake to Sackville. And though they told Tim Hortons that they were crossing their fingers for more snow, it looks like the dogs are doing just fine now that they’ve had their Timmie’s fix.

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