Do you believe? We do now after watching Air Canada’s new Christmas video

MONTREAL — For anyone having a hard time believing in the magic of Christmas this year, Air Canada has launched a new video that will reignite that holiday spark.

Titled ‘Lost Reindeer’, the cinematic ad stars a group of children who come across a magical reindeer in the woods a few days before Christmas. Over the next few days, they work together to build a sled and help the reindeer harness its magic to find its way home.

“We wanted to create an ad that reflected the magic and celebration that takes place during this time of year,” said Andrew Shibata, Managing Director, Brand at Air Canada. “With our travellers reuniting and gathering all over the world, all 36,000 Air Canada employees feel very fortunate to play a part of their journeys home for the holidays.”

The ad will be featured in multiple forms, including an extended version for Air Canada’s channels, a 90-second video in cinema, a 30-second spot on television across Canada, and a 15-second video on Air Canada’s social media and digital platforms.

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