For 'discerning guests' only: Four Seasons trips start at $100,000

For ‘discerning guests’ only: Four Seasons trips start at $100,000

TORONTO — All-inclusive holiday packages are often targeted at travellers looking for a deal, but the latest offering from Four Seasons is definitely not for the budget-minded.

The Toronto-based luxury hotel operator has announced a lineup of four itineraries by private jet for 2016, visiting locales including Bora Bora, Bali, Chiang Mai, Mumbai, Mauritius, St. Petersburg and Prague. The starting price: US$100,000 per person.

For that, “discerning guests,” as the company calls its deep-pocketed customers, will get air travel aboard the Four Seasons jet, ground transportation, excursions, all meals, and accommodations at Four Seasons hotels and resorts.

One of the trips, a 25-day around-the-world journey with nine stops and a US$130,000 price tag (based on double occupancy), includes rock climbing in Malaysia, zip-lining in Costa Rica and surfing in Hawaii.

The company launched its “fully branded jet” earlier this year. The retrofitted Boeing 757, with a Four Seasons logo on the tail, features interiors customized by the company’s designers.

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