Airfare Prices

These destinations are at least 25% cheaper to fly to this fall

TORONTO – As its name implies, fall has become the season for falling airfares, a seasonal perk for travellers who may have missed out on summer bargains.

According to, autumn airfares are dropping even lower than summer fares by as much as 36% in the case of London, and over 30% to Copenhagen and Lisbon.

The website has compiled a list of 10 value destinations for Canadian travellers to stretch their vacation season where average airfares for September and October are at least 25% lower than they were in July and August.

– London, United Kingdom (average airfare down 36%)
– Lisbon, Portugal (average airfare down 35%)
– Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (average airfare down 33%)
– Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador (average airfare down 33%)
– Madrid, Spain (average airfare down 33%)
– Copenhagen, Denmark (average airfare down 33%)
– Washington, D.C. (average airfare down 30%)
– Quebec City, Quebec (average airfare down 30%)
– Phoenix, Arizona (average airfare down 28%)
– Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (average airfare down 27%)

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