DeNureTours releases 2014 brochure

DeNureTours releases 2014 brochureLINDSAY, ON — DeNureTours’ new 2014 brochure offers vacations to a wide variety of destinations, from New York City, Chicago and the Maritimes to a trip along iconic Route 66 all the way from Chicago to L.A.

Clients looking further afield can find escorted holidays to the UK and Europe with the chance to visit sights made famous by the BBC series Downton Abbey. Clients can also experience the French Riviera, see Italy or set off on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to South Africa and Victoria Falls.

“We are very excited about the range of products we have included in this brochure,” said Jill Brett, President of DeNureTours. “This is the largest brochure we have ever produced and it features a number of new tours, new styles of vacations and some new ways your client can save money on their vacation.”

Also included in the brochure are the company’s unique long-stay vacations to the southern sunshine of Florida and South Carolina. These are ideal for travellers looking for a vacation that includes transportation, ocean-side accommodation and daily activities with local shuttle transportation. They are also perfect for the solo traveller, says Brett.

“Our long-stay vacations are truly unique and quickly become a favourite winter getaway for our guests,” she says. “Whether they choose to travel by motorcoach to the south, or to take advantage of our new flight options, your clients are sure to find a perfect escape from our Canadian winter.”

To order copies of the new brochure visit the Envoy website, call 1-800-668-6859 or order online at

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