Cycling, cruising & more highlighted in Transat’s new Europe brochures

Cycling, cruising & more highlighted in Transat’s new Europe brochures

MONTREAL – Transat is gearing up for a jam-packed summer in Europe next year, with its newly released 2017 Europe and Guided Tours brochures, featuring a vast selection of guided tours, cruise packages and à la carte options.

“Having accompanied Canadians on holiday in Europe for nearly 30 years, Air Transat increases its direct flights once again this year, in addition to making its 27 transatlantic destinations available to a greater number of travellers thanks to its new connecting flights,” says Annick Guérard, President and General Manager of Transat Tours Canada. “Transat also stands out with its wide variety of new packages and guided tours, offering travellers more opportunities to discover Europe their way and at their own pace, with a partner they can trust.”

Highlights of the season include one-city packages that allow travellers to delve deep into their destination. For those torn between two destinations, multi-city packages eliminate the need to compromise by offering holidays that combine two, three or even four cities.

For cycling enthusiasts, six exclusive cycling tours are available in France, Portugal and Spain that include roundtrip flights, accommodations, breakfast, baggage transport and itineraries.

Those who prefer to build their own vacations can select from a wide variety of à la carte options that cater to all tastes and budgets. These include flights, hotel accommodations, rental cars as well as activities.

Transat is also introducing its Savvy Choice program, which allows travellers to save big on accommodations. With Savvy Choice, clients choose the hotel star rating of their choice (three or four stars) and Transat will find them a hotel with that rating among those available at a lower price than that of a confirmed hotel. The name of the hotel will be sent to the client a month before departure, along with their travel documents.

For cruisers, Transat’s 2016-17 Cruises brochure offers a vast selection of ocean and river cruises in Europe. Plus, the company’s new one-stop cruise packages are sure to be a hit; they include roundtrip flight, transfers and cruise.

To make it easier for clients to get to Europe, Air Transat is enhancing its flight program to France and the United Kingdom, where it has been operating for nearly 30 years. There will be an increase in flight frequency to the Mediterranean, including Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal. For those who wish to discover Central Europe, flight frequency on the Toronto-Zagreb and Montreal-Prague routes, two recent additions to the transatlantic program will increase to twice a week.

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