Culinary tours with Collette include cooking classes, home-hosted meals
Provence, France

Culinary tours with Collette include cooking classes, home-hosted meals

MISSISSAUGA — Collette’s new lineup of foodie tours features authentic regional cuisine and the opportunity for travellers to connect with locals and their culinary traditions.

Tours are available from the vineyards of Provence to the ancient teahouses of Beijing to the spice markets of Marrakesh.

Guests of Collette’s tour to Portugal and Its Islands include a sampling of the signature dish of the Azores, cozido das furnas, cooked in a hot spring heated by volcanic steam. Travellers on Collette’s tour to Switzerland, meanwhile, will walk the picturesque vineyards (a UNESCO World Heritage site) and stop and sip the delicious Swiss wine.

“There are endless reasons why we travel, but the thrill of experiencing a new culture is one many of us share. While landmarks and historic sites offer a glimpse into a destination, food is the universal language that unites us all,” says Collette’s Executive Vice President of Product and Tour Management, Jaclyn Leibl-Cote.

Collette’s website,, now includes a culinary-themed landing page under the ‘Collette Gives You More’ link, where clients can learn about Collette tours with cooking classes, truffle hunting, local market tours, home-hosted meals and more.

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