Travel agents applaud Cuba’s decision to phase out ‘hotel hospitals’

Cuba will remain open despite omicron, says Cuba Tourist Board

TORONTO — Cuba is reassuring travellers that its borders will remain open and that it does not foresee any changes to its entry requirements despite the fast-spreading omicron variant.

According to Lessner Gomez, Director of the Cuba Tourist Board in Canada, the ongoing vaccination rollout in Cuba and the continued efforts of healthcare professionals have helped the country cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Vaccinations, the general use of masks, social distancing and testing, along with the strict health and safety protocols in place, are essential parts of Cuba’s success,” he says. “It’s also good news that Cuba is upgrading its homegrown COVID-19 vaccine to confront omicron, which gives us confidence that we have everything in place to successfully control the pandemic and keep the country open.”

While the omicron variant makes its way around the world, Cuba’s vaccination rate, says Gomez, is among the highest in the world. He adds that the number of infections and COVID-19-related deaths have also plummeted in recent weeks.

“Schools have reopened and Canadian sunseekers are welcome again and we hope to keep it that way,” he says.

“On behalf of The Ministry of Tourism of Cuba and the entire team at the Cuba Tourist Board, I want to thank all Canadian travel advisors for their continued support. As we send off a very challenging year, we truly wish to all our travel partners a very merry Christmas and a bright and health New Year. Shall 2022 bring new adventures and shared success,” adds Gomez.

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