Costa Rica hotel converts airplane fuselage into luxury room
Photos credit: The Hotel Costa Verde

Costa Rica hotel converts airplane fuselage into luxury room

MANUEL ANTONIO NATIONAL PARK – This ain’t your average treehouse, not by a long shot. The Hotel Costa Verde, located in a rainforest near Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica, is giving travellers the chance to stay in a vintage Boeing 727 airplane perched high above the jungle floor.

The hotel is the latest establishment to have repurposed an old, unused aircraft. A few years back, a man in Oregon turned a plane into a home, while an entire kindergarten class in the country of Georgia has set up shop in a refurbished Yakovlev 42 plane. While Hotel Costa Verde is impressive on its own for its cliff-side pools and sundecks, its crowning glory will always be the room inside a 727 fuselage, originally manufactured in 1965.

As the story goes, the hotel salvaged the airplane from the San Jose Airport and transported it deep inside the Costa Rican jungle. After an extensive remodel, the plane is now perched on a 50-foot pedestal, creating the illusion that it either crashed into the treetops or was simply left there and abandoned.

According to, the fuselage room boasts hand-carved furnishings, two air-conditioned bedrooms – each with its own bathroom – and a kitchenette, dining area and private entrance. Rates start at US$500 per night, a bargain really, for the chance to stay in a bit of history.

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