Closed: Active Journeys Inc.

Convicted: Sherkston Trailer Rentals & Patricia Levasseur

MISSISSAUGA — After being charged by TICO, Sherkston Trailer Rentals Inc. and Patricia D. Levasseur were convicted of one count each of operating as a travel agent without being registered.

Sherkston Trailer Rentals Inc. operated a website and social media pages where they advertised and took payment for trailer and cottage rentals in the Port Colborne area. The accommodations that were being advertised were not owned by Sherkston Trailer Rentals Inc. or Patricia D. Levasseur.

Patricia D. Levasseur (also known as Patricia D. Mason) was the day-to-day manager of the corporation.

Sherkston Trailer Rentals Inc. has been sentenced in Court to a $5,000 fine, including a victim surcharge.

Both Sherkston Trailer Rentals Inc. and Patricia D. Levasseur were also sentenced to a two-year probation and are prohibited from engaging in activities as a registered Travel Agent, unless they become registered under the Travel Industry Act, 2002.

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