Independent travel advisors facing CERB / CRB recalls, says ACITA

Convicted: Angela Comella and Angie’s All Seasons Travel Inc.

MISSISSAUGA — After being charged by TICO, Angela Comella pleaded guilty to operating as a travel agent without registration, contrary to the Travel Industry Act, 2002.

Additionally, Angie’s All Seasons Travel Inc. pleaded guilty to:

  • Failing to provide customers with a statement or invoice, setting out any fees, levies, service charges and whether those amounts are refundable; and
  • Failing to inform customers of the existence of a service charge before selling travel services.

Comella was fined $5,625, inclusive of a victim surcharge. Comella was also sentenced to a two-year probation that includes the following terms: to not engage as a travel consultant for or on behalf of any TICO registrant until Aug. 31, 2023; to not apply for TICO registration until Nov. 30, 2024; and to not be a director or an officer of a TICO registrant until Nov. 30, 2024.

Angie’s All Seasons Travel Inc. received a suspended sentence and a two-year probation.

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