Contiki’s new 2017-18 Europe program on sale now

Contiki’s new 2017-18 Europe program on sale now

TORONTO – Contiki’s full suite of Europe 2017 trips officially go on sale today, with a 10% discount for clients who book by Jan. 12, 2017. This represents a savings of up to $820, making Europe hard to resist for young Canadians.

The new 2017-18 Europe program includes five brand new trips, including four itineraries in and around the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. Two ‘Adriatic Unearthed’ trips (one starting in Split, the other in Rome) are 15-day journeys taking in the Amalfi Coast, Port Bar, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Ljubljana, Venice, Rome and Corfu. The shorter ‘Adriatic Horizons’ and ‘Adriatic Spirit’ trips span eight and seven days, respectively.

“For our travellers, the Adriatic represents a lesser known and therefore exciting and unexplored part of Europe,” said Sheralyn Berry, Director of Sales at Contiki Holidays Canada. “Our exciting new Adriatic trips bring together iconic traveller favourites, sites of natural beauty, off the beaten track experiences and some truly stunning beaches. We’re excited to spend some time in the Adriatic next year, and to continue offering a best in class experience in the rest of Europe as well.”

Adding to the mix of immersive and authentic experiences is Contiki’s new nine-day ‘Greek Week’ itinerary, visiting the top three hotspots favourited by guests including Athens, Mykanos and Ios. This new ‘Easy Pace’ trip focuses on two of Greece’s most iconic islands, offering clients stunning beaches, water sports and some of the best parties in the world. With Greece being a top seller with Canadian guests, this new trip will undoubtedly please those looking for a bit of relaxation, good food and lots of fun.

In 2017, Contiki will operate more than 142 trips across Europe that visit 42 countries. For more information go to

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