Contiki makes Europe in winter ‘cool’ with 15% savings

TORONTO — Contiki is counting all the ways Europe is cooler during the winter months with a new campaign that includes 15% off all Europe winter itineraries.

Running until July 31, the ‘Europe Winter’ campaign was launched to help agents encourage their young clients to swap their summer getaway for a winter escape. In addition to cheaper prices and fewer crowds, clients enjoy 15% off 21 of Contiki’s Winter Europe adventures.

These include: European Discovery; Winter Wanderer; Berlin to Budapest; Simply Italy; Great Britain & Ireland; Fiestas & Siestas; Ireland; Eastern Quest; London to Berlin; European Magic; Italian Espresso; European Vistas; Spain, Morocco, Portugal; European Encounter; Eastern Trail; Mediterranean Quest; Western Rocker; European Inspiration; Eastern Rocker; Spanish Sprea; and Western Quest.

“There is absolutely no better time to explore Europe than during the winter months,” says Sheralyn Berry, President of Contiki Canada. “From sipping mulled wine at a traditional Christkindlmarkt in Germany to still being able to bask in the warm Mediterranean sun, there’s something for every type of adventurer during the off-season in Europe. We know young Canadians are price-conscious and our new campaign provides a great opportunity for travel agents looking to sell the benefits of a Europe winter escape: cheaper airfare and on-the-ground costs, fewer crowds and good vibes all around.”

In addition to 15% savings, Contiki has also compiled the top five reasons to visit Europe in the winter:

Clients beat the rush: Let your clients know that while the majority of travellers visit the continent during the summer months, winter proves a far calmer time of the year that will offer them the opportunity to see the sights at their own pace without having to elbow their way to the perfect shot.

Having true, local experiences: While clients may be inclined to visit during the summer months, let them know that most of the locals in Europe are also on vacation from July to August and have already escaped themselves – making it difficult for clients to get a true picture of what local life entails. Come winter, it’s business as usual, with clients being able to really get a feel for the vibe of the place they’re in.

Christmas Markets galore: Europe is famous for its endless cozy Christmas Markets and if your clients are looking for the real deal, lead them towards visiting Germany, Hungary and Austria where these Yuletide markets are done the best. And remind clients that they will only be able to experience this age-old tradition during winter.

Comfort food: Whether it’s hot chocolate with marshmallows in a cozy café, enjoying a roast in a quintessentially English pub, cheese fondue on the slopes of France or sipping on a large glass of red wine next to the fire, if your client has food on their mind, there’s nothing quite like the comfort of the wholesome food that a winter in Europe offers.

Winter sun: Europe can easily be the alternative to the traditional sun destinations, providing culture, art, history, food and yes, even warmth during winter. Clients can jet off to destinations like Lisbon, Seville, the south of France and even Rome where average daytime highs often sit around a very pleasant 20°C. Cyprus, Crete, the Canary Islands and Malta are also ideal climates to see the sights and enjoy some Mediterranean food in the sunshine.

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