Contiki has 21 new trips and 5 selling points for Europe 2019-20
Athens, Greece

Contiki has 21 new trips and 5 selling points for Europe 2019-20

TORONTO — Contiki has launched its brand new Europe 2019-20 program with 21 new European adventures and a firm commitment to the 18-35-year-old demographic – “no younger and no older”.

The company’s 2019 lineup comes with more exclusive ‘No Regrets Inclusions’, an expanded ‘Munch’ food program and more WiFi on its coaches, plus enhanced experiences that will set the operator apart from others, says Sheralyn Berry, President of Contiki Canada.

“I always like to say that Contiki is often imitated, but never duplicated,” says Berry. “We’ve been offering real, local and unique experiences to young travellers since 1962 and meeting people from all over the world with the same thirst for wanderlust and having an experience you’ll remember forever is something you just can’t get any other way. Our new Europe 2019-20 program will continue to deliver epic adventures, with your clients not needing to plan a thing, that offer unrivalled value.”

In addition to its new trips, Contiki also has a new travel style starting in 2019. ‘Iconic Essentials’, will replace ‘High Energy’ and will be centered around stretching the client’s budget and include only the essential experiences included, and “simple but fun” quad-share accommodation: “It is about value without compromise.” Accommodation with ‘Iconic Essentials’ includes Contiki’s Special Stay properties – such as its 16th century French château, their Swiss Chalet, and the newly renovated Austrian Gasthof Shoenick – as well as best-in-class hostels from brands such as Generator, Wombats, A&O and Via.

Canada ranks third among all out-of-region outbound travel markets to European destinations, according to The Canada Operations Group of the European Travel Commission.

Contiki says five key selling points for the program are:

  • Real experiences that pack a punch. The company says clients can do as many or as little as they like – their trip, their rules. “What agents need to know is that Contiki is a one-stop shop that has all the iconic things clients can’t miss and unique experiences they can only do with them. ‘No Regrets Inclusions’ are already included in every trip with all travel to and from planned. The same cannot be said about booking these on one’s own where time, testing of patience and often times more money will be required when booking with others such Airbnb and TripAdvisor.”
  • Local food that hits the spot. Contiki’s new Europe program will be dialling it up a few notches with its ‘Munch’ food offerings with immersive and local food experiences – such as Aperol Spritz making classes, cooking lessons, and an expansion of its truly exclusive ‘Eat With’ experiences (immersive dining experiences in the kitchens and homes of locals) – that will now be featured on all of Contiki’s ‘In-Depth Explorer’ trips. Progressive food tours in Rome, Madrid, Florence, Berlin, Paris and more will also be included on all itineraries.
  • Catching zzz’s in style. Contiki’s new Europe 2019-20 program will offer three simple and transparent choices of accommodation. Clients travelling on any of its ‘Discoverer’ and ‘In-Depth Explorer’ trips will stay in conveniently located three and four-star hotel properties, while those on all ‘Iconic Essentials’ treks will now stay at Contiki’s ‘Special Stay’ properties (owned by the operator) and premium hostel and hotel groups.
  • A 24/7 team of experts. Contiki operates a force of 300+ highly-skilled crew, all dedicated to providing a seamless vacation, says the company. “Contiki’s Trip Managers, Drivers, Local Guides, On-site team members, on-road cooks, are the best in the industry. Highly trained, crazy knowledgeable and with a total passion for travel, Contiki’s team is the real deal.”
  • It’s how you get there. Some 20 brand new, luxe air-conditioned coaches (all with free WiFi) will hit the road in 2019 making Contiki’s fleet one of the youngest in Europe – approximately 1.1-year-old as of next year.

In addition to its 5 selling points, Contiki is also offering a sneak peek at its 21 new trips debuting in 2019:


This itinerary hits up Europe’s major cities without scrimping on its spectacular scenery, from Paris to Croatia to Berlin. The 20-night trip can be divided into two smaller modules: the 12-day ‘The Road to Croatia’ and a 7-day ‘The Road to Paris/London’ trips.


Travellers can step back in time with four days of extensive exploring in Greece, with guided touring in Athens, Olympia and Delphi, before hitting the Mediterranean for some fun in the sun. Clients can add anywhere from three to 13 days of sailing that will take them to Cycladic islands of Mykonos, Santorini and Crete.


This brand new 11-day trip starts in Jerusalem and then heads to Nazareth, Galilee, the ancient city of Jerash, Amman, breathtaking Petra and Wadi Rum, Eilat and finally wraps up in the culture capital of Tel Aviv. Highlights of the new adventure include a guided tour of Petra, travelling across Wadi Rum by 4×4, floating in the Dead Sea and a visit to the Iraq Al-Amir Women’s Cooperative, an organization dedicated to raising the financial independence of women in the region, and a Contiki Cares powered by TreadRight sustainability initiative.

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