Contiki expands offerings in Asia, Europe for 2017
Jeff Element, President of The Travel Corporation, Canada; Sheralyn Berry, Director of Sales, Contiki, Canada; Lauren Howard, National Brand and Marketing Manager, Contiki, Canada: and Dave Marathakis, Sales Manager, Ontario & Atlantic Canada, Contiki, Canada.

Contiki expands offerings in Asia, Europe for 2017

TORONTO – At an industry event in Toronto this week, Contiki highlighted the many reasons – 10 in total, to be exact – why 2017 will be a great year for travel.

Next year, the tour operator will launch 10 new itineraries across Asia and Europe, including India and Singapore, and lots of new options around the Adriatic Sea. Also announced are early booking bonuses of up to 10%, plus the Limited Edition Summer Series, which focuses on a particular theme such as food or photograph.

“I think this is going to be a lucrative year. We have a lot of customers researching at this time, and travel agents just need to be confident in presenting the product and encouraging them to plan ahead and take advantage of early booking discounts,” says Sheralyn Berry, Director of Sales at Contiki Holidays Canada.

The Contiki 2017 Asia program has been enhanced with the addition of five brand new itineraries that attempt to wow travellers with life changing travel experiences. With its 2017 Asia launch, the company has fleshed out its Asian offering by venturing into Singapore and India for the first time, while strengthening its Japan and Southeast Asia trips.

The new Contiki 2017-18 Europe program also offers five brand new trips, including four Adriatic and Greek Week itineraries, for a total of 142 trips across 42 countries. New for the 2017 season are four immersive trips in and around the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, visiting Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and the Greek Islands.

“For our travellers, the Adriatic represents a lesser known and therefore exciting and unexplored part of Europe,” says Berry. “Our exciting new Adriatic trips bring together iconic traveller favourites, sites of natural beauty, off-the-beaten track experiences and some truly stunning beaches. We’re excited to spend some time in the Adriatic next year, and to continue offering a best in class experience in the rest of Europe as well.”

Contiki’s Limited Edition Summer Series will also be a part of its main 2017-18 Europe program, and is made up of three unique trips: Munch, SNAP and Boutique Local. Each trip focuses on a particular theme: Munch on food experiences; SNAP on photography; and Boutique Local on local boutique hotels.

Young Canadians on these limited departures can expect to see Europe in smaller, more intimate groups, taking a unique and authentic journey around some of the continent’s top destinations.

The three new trips will have limited departures, with just two dates for Munch and SNAP, and three departures of Boutique Local running throughout summer 2017. Plans are underway to expand the series and departures further into 2018 and beyond.

“The Limited Edition Summer Series is a testament to Contiki’s continued innovation,” says Berry. “We might have 55 years in the business but we are always improving our brand and product. We know our consumers, we know their desires and their behaviours, and this collection is a direct result of that insight. We know they’ll absolutely love this product.”

Early booking discounts are available of up to 10% for those who book Asia by Dec. 22, or Europe by Jan. 12, 2017, and agents are encouraged to contact their Contiki BDM for further incentives.

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