Contiki CEO announces new Flex Deposit and Freedom Guarantee

Contiki CEO announces new Flex Deposit and Freedom Guarantee

TORONTO – In an effort to ease concerns over a growing number of challenges like Zika and the low loonie, Contiki has announced new initiatives that better accommodate today’s Millennial traveller.

CEO Casper Urhammer revealed in an exclusive interview with Travelweek that the company has put into place two new policies: Flex Deposit and Freedom Guarantee, both of which are already active despite not being featured yet in Contiki’s brochures or on its website.

“The Flex Deposit means that if you put a deposit down on a trip, it’s going to last you until you cannot travel with us anymore,” said Urhammer. “So if you’re 18 today and you put down a deposit, that doesn’t expire.”

With this new policy, Contiki, which caters to 18- to 35-year-olds, allows travellers 36 and up to still be able to use their deposit with one of the company’s other brands.

“When you turn 36, that Flex Deposit will still exist and give you the flexibility of knowing that your money is not lost,” he added.

The second policy, the Freedom Guarantee, is what Urhammer calls the “world’s greatest exchange policy.” When travellers commit to a trip and put down a deposit, and for some reason wish to change their travel plans or are unable to travel that day, the Freedom Guarantee allows them to change their booking to another trip without having to pay any fees.

“The combination of these two initiatives instills a message of confidence when booking with Contiki,” said Urhammer. “If the world was to turn grumpy for whatever reason, or if something happens in your life that leads you to not being able to travel, then we will provide you the flexibility to modify your trip.”

Urhammer also noted that Contiki will be launching a new website in the second quarter of this year. The new site, which is being developed by 13 full-time employees, will be “more engaging and interactive to show what Contiki is all about.”

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