Contiki celebrates German culture, launches 2016-17 Europe program
Sheralyn Berry, Director of Sales, Contiki Canada; Antje Splettstoesser, Director Marketing & Sales, German National Tourist Office Canada; Brad Ford, President, Contiki Canada; Lauren Howard, National Creative Brand and Marketing Manager, Contiki Canada.

Contiki celebrates German culture, launches 2016-17 Europe program

TORONTO — Contiki teamed up with the German National Tourist Board to celebrate Germany – a country offering food, culture, arts, history, nightlife and affordability – at Otto’s Berlin Döner in Kensington Market.

This also marked the launch of Contiki’s 2016-17 Europe program, which features eight new trips including Iceland and the Balkans.

“Germany is still somewhere you can go in the world and see living history, with all the medieval towns and castles – it’s really quite magical,” says Brad Ford, President of Contiki Canada. “Then we take our guests to Munich to do a bike tour, or show them the nightlife in Berlin. After a taste of the country, a lot of our repeat customers want to come back specifically to experience Germany and Eastern Europe.”

Contiki has 63 tours touching through Germany, with many of the top selling European itineraries heading to either Berlin or Munich, giving travellers a taste for the country. Millennial travellers are particularly drawn to Germany, with the 18-34 age group growing by 18% in 2015, and 37% of Canadian travellers to Germany fall into this group.

Germany has lots of great reasons to attract the millennial crowd. First and foremost, Oktoberfest, the world’s largest folk festival, welcomes over 7 million visitors every fall to drink about 7 million litres of beer. The country, however, has much more to offer with over 1,500 different kinds of sausages, 1,300 breweries, plus the many cultural and historical attractions, and the beautiful towns and castles – and of course the Christmas markets!

“Germany is very attractive to millennials because overall it is very competitive in regards to affordability. A study shows that in comparison with other major European cities, Berlin’s average hotel room rates are the lowest at only 88 euros, while Paris starts at over 200 euros,” says Antje Splettstoesser, Director Marketing & Sales, German National Tourist Office Canada. “The food and beverage is so much more affordable than in Canada, so it’s a great time to go.”

At the event, Contiki also launched its new 2016-17 Europe brochure offering the ‘most epic and bucket list-worthy trips ever’. New for 2016 are eight new trips including the 10-day Mediterranean Escape from Rome to Athens, which can be combined with two Greek Island options. Also new is the five-day London Uncovered to discover ‘Cool Britannia’, and the four-day Iceland to see the Northern Lights.

In response to Canadian demand, Contiki has also launched three trips in the Balkans that are the 15-day Best of Balkans – which starts in either Hungary or Split – and the shorter Balkans Discovery and Mini Balkan itineraries.

In celebration of the 2016 Europe launch clients who book and pay in full by Jan. 14, 2016 can save 10% off for a savings of up to $820 per person.

“Our 2016 Summer Europe program is our best and most comprehensive product to date, spanning more of Europe to iconic destinations including off the beaten path places like the Balkans and Iceland, plus more of the Mediterranean, which appeals to young Canadians,” says Ford.

More information on the Contiki’s new 2016 Europe itineraries:

  • Best of Balkans: Travellers will journey through seven countries in just 15 days, including Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Serbia and more, to take in the best sights that the Balkans has to offer. Whether it’s exploring the gorgeous walled city of Dubrovnik as featured in the popular Games of Thrones television series, enjoying the nightlife in Belgrade or strolling around the historic sights of Sarajevo, this trip is a perfect mix of history and culture. Short on time? Check out the slightly shorter: Balkans Discovery or Mini Balkans.
  • Mediterranean Escape: Travellers can relax at leisure in the Mediterranean on this 10-day Easy Pace trip. Start in Rome with all the iconic sights before heading to the scenic Amalfi Coast and ending in Athens to uncover Greece’s sundrenched shores. Want more? Why not book: Mediterranean Escape + Greek Island Hopping or Mediterranean Escape + Greek Island Cruising.
  • Iceland: Adventure seekers will explore the country’s incredible landscapes on a four-day action-packed trip. Bathe in the thermal springs of the Blue Lagoon and enjoy the capital of Reykjavik before heading out with a local guide to search for the breathtaking Northern Lights.
  • London Uncovered: Millennials will immerse themselves in London during this short stay in the vibrant capital city to discover all things ‘Cool Britannia’. They will visit the iconic sites including Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. They will also explore the mythical site of Stonehenge famous for its Glastonbury music festival and the majestic Windsor castle.


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