Contiki announces new and updated Latin America 2020 program

TORONTO — Contiki’s Latin America 2020 program will feature five brand new trips to Patagonia and Colombia as well as 13 improved trips across Latin America.

These new additions will further expand Contiki’s trekking and hiking experiences that total to 32 available trips in Latin America. These include guided tours through more than 10 iconic National Parks, Reserves and protected land areas through the region.

Travellers can expect multilingual Trip Managers and Local Guides, transport in private mini-coaches, internal flights and trains for quicker and more comfortable travel. Plus, through Contiki’s sustainability program, Contiki Cares powered by TreadRight, clients can enjoy new experiences including three additional days in the Amazon jungle in Ecuador, taking part in a tree-planting program in Costa Rica, and visiting a llama far in Cusco.

The five new Patagonia and Columbia trips will be joining the 26 existing trips Contiki offers in Latin America, and will include:

  • Patagonia Trail trip, a 10-day adventure that allows travellers to view the untamed and unspoiled parts of Patagonia, including its mountain peaks, colossal glaciers, lakes and active volcanoe

  • Hola Colombia, an 18-day experience that brings travellers through bustling cities, to cobblestoned retreats and idyllic beaches.
  • Colombia Quest, a 12-day adventure that takes guests through the salt cathedral of Zipaquira, San Gil, and includes a visit to Bogota
  • Colombian Coasts & Culture, another new itinerary that goes through Columbia and includes hikes through national parks, a cooking class and a tour through Medelin

  • Lost City Trek takes travellers through the ancient archaeological site of Ciudad Perdida

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