Consumer Protection BC suspends travel licence for Skyline Tours Ltd.

Consumer Protection BC suspends travel licence for Skyline Tours Ltd.

VICTORIA — Consumer Protection BC has suspended the licence of Skyline Tours Ltd., a travel agency and wholesaler based in Burnaby, BC.

“Based on information gathered so far, it appears this business has closed its doors,” says Tatiana Chabeaux-Smith, corporate spokesperson for Consumer Protection BC. “While I can’t speak to the specific details of this investigation, we are aware that some consumers have already been impacted by this closure.”

Travellers who have made travel arrangements with Skyline Tours should first confirm that all parts of travel have been booked and paid for (such as hotel accommodations, flights and tours). If the travel cannot be confirmed, here are the steps consumers can take:

  • Talk to the airline, hotel or tour operator to determine if there are options to rebook the travel arrangements.
  • Contact a BC-licensed travel agent to determine if they can assist with rebooking alternative travel.

If the original travel services booked through Skyline Tours cannot be confirmed and were not provided, here are steps consumers can take to seek a refund:

  • If the travel services were purchased with a credit card, call or write to the credit card company to determine if the charges can be reversed.
  • If separate travel insurance was purchased, call the insurance provider to see if the costs for the undelivered services can be covered.
  • If these steps are unsuccessful, consumers may make a claim with Consumer Protection BC against BC’s Travel Assurance Fund.
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