Complete Korea Tourism’s Learning Centre program to win 1 of 2 seats on Fall FAM

Complete Korea Tourism’s Learning Centre to win 1 of 2 seats on Fall FAM

TORONTO – The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has launched a new Learning Centre program to help agents grow their knowledge of Korea as a must-see tourist destination.

Korea is more than just kimchi, palaces and Taekwondo, as agents will quickly learn. As “Asia’s most talked about destination”, Korea has much to offer all travellers, says Hyungkwan Park, Director of the Korea Tourism Organization in Toronto.

“With the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games, Korea made news around the world. The Winter Olympics and potential for peace along the border have made Korea the most talked-about destination in 2018,” he says. “There is more interest in our destination than ever before. This is an excellent opportunity for agents to learn about Korea and have a chance to win a seat on our Fall FAM.”

KTO will randomly select two lucky agents who successfully complete the ‘Imagine Your Korea Specialist Course’ to have a chance to participate in the Fall FAM trip to Korea, which will take place this September. Highlights of the course include information on getting to Korea, transport, accommodations, activities, upcoming events and much more.

Take the course today and discover the ‘real’ Korea beyond the news – beautiful, high-tech, friendly and cultured! Visit to get started.

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