Coming in 2017: Sabre Red Workspace, the latest support tool for agents

Coming in 2017: Sabre Red Workspace, the latest support tool for agents

MIAMI – Sabre Corp. offered a sneak peek of the latest version of Sabre Red Workspace last month at the company’s Travel Technology Exchange (TTX) in Miami.

Set to debut early next year, 10 “empowers travel consultants of all experience levels to deliver unparalleled travel experiences” through a highly configurable workspace, an easy-to-use interface and data-driven support tools.

In short, the platform makes an agent’s job easier by minimizing activities that don’t add value. It reduces training times, which allows new hires to be up and running faster, and improves comparison shopping and price transparency by being the first and only platform to tap into APIs and cached data.

The data-driven insight demonstrates decision-making capabilities. For example, if the client has flexible dates, the agent will receive insights such as historic fare trends, seasonality and travel preferences at their fingertips.

Additionally, Sabre Red Workspace provides enhanced merchandising opportunities to help agents know how to differentiate and customize products for the traveller. Special ‘panels’ give them more merchandising options; when you offer a room upgrade or an airline ancillary, you’ll see a picture of the actual room or seat.

Sabre will start upgrading travel agents to the new platform in early 2017 following a limited pilot program later this year.

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