Collette’s 2023 Americana brochure to launch in March
River cruise in San Antonio, Texas-Credit Collette

Collette’s 2023 Americana brochure to launch in March

PAWTUCKET, RI — Collette is set to launch its 2023 Americana brochure featuring 14 exciting tours to the United States.

Scheduled to be delivered in early March, the brochure will highlight various Classic, small-group Explorations and Spotlights tours. These include some of Collette’s most popular U.S. tours such as:

To further inspire clients to book, Collette is offering a US$20 Uber voucher on all Spotlight tours.

Jaclyn Leibl-Cote, President and Chief Brand Officer at Collette, said the company is excited to release the brochure.

“Our many tours to the United States in the guide are always a great experience. The United States is such a diverse nation, with so many different cultures to learn about across the many different regions. Our new brochure is a great way for travellers to learn more about the many wonderful experiences we offer across the U.S.,” she said.

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