Collette marks 100 years with 100 days of giveaways in 2018
Christian Leibl-Cote, Senior VP of Global Business, Collette, Colton Chia, TPI, and Ron Lonsdale, Vice President, Canada, Collette

Collette marks 100 years with 100 days of giveaways in 2018

TORONTO — Collette is kicking off its 100th anniversary celebrations next year with 100 days of giveaways on its various social media platforms. Collette made the announcement at its VIP industry event in Toronto, attended by many of the company’s top Canadian agents and partners and hosted by Christian Leibl-Cote, Senior VP of Global Business, Ron Lonsdale, Vice President, Canada and the rest of Collette’s Canadian team.

In 2018 Collette will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in business, making it the third oldest travel company in the world.

With an appreciation for the past, and at the same time looking steadfastly to the future, Leibl-Cote advised that 2017 was its best year overall and that 2018 was shaping up to be even better.

He also reconfirmed Collette’s commitment to working with Canadian travel agents, and particularly Collette’s program to protect travel agent commissions.

At the VIP event Collette also confirmed the success of its ‘Choose on Tour’ options, giving travellers more flexibility with several different options for local tours and restaurants for meals. Also popular with Collette clients are the small ‘Explorations’ tours, which average only 18 people and allow the travellers to becoming more engaged and culturally immersed in the destination.

Another innovation proving popular with travellers is Collette’s private sedan service, offered to clients who live within 100 kilometres of their departure airport.

New in 2018, Collette will be offering programs in Eastern Europe, Iceland and, for the first time in Finland, ice hotels. Ireland, Iceland, and Italy remain Collette’s most popular destinations.

Collette will shortly start booking for tours incorporating the Passion Play in Oberammergau, Germany in 2020. Held once every 10 years, it’s a big draw for travellers and Collette has large allocations of tickets and nearby hotel accommodation for the event.

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