Collette invites travellers to give back with new ‘Impact Moments’

PAWTUCKET, RI — Travellers are encouraged to make a positive impact while abroad with Collette’s newly launched ‘Impact Moments’, social responsible experiences that are available across its explorations tours.

According to the tour operator, travel should make a positive impact, both on their guests and throughout the world. These impact moments will “allow guests to connect with indigenous cultures through the art of learning to preserve their way of life, helping to restore and protect the environment, or through visits with local non-profits.”

John Sutherland, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, said: “Working together to take care of the places we live, work and travel is at the centre of everything that Collette does. By incorporating impact moments of Explorations tours, we are using travel as a force for good.”

Samples of Impact Moments include:

Mysteries of India: Travellers will have lunch at Sheroes’ Hangout, a café that empowers female survivors of acid attacks, allowing them to reclaim their lives and livelihoods through employments and sisterhood

Taste of Vietnam: Travellers will embark on a soulful experience at Reaching Out Vietnam, where talented artisans create original pieces of sustainable and fair-trade products. Guests will take part in an immersive lantern-making experience, working together to create these colourful beacons of prosperity.

The Plains of Africa: Guests can give back to nature with a ‘seedball’, a golf ball-sized sphere filled with seeds and fertilizer. These compact balls of seed limit the cost of planting indigenous trees around the world, and are so cost-effective to make that the people of Nairobi want travellers to scatter them everywhere.