Chaos at Europe airports: Heathrow and Brussels report glitches

Chaos at Europe airports: Heathrow and Brussels report glitches

LONDON — Travellers in two of Europe’s biggest hubs may be experiencing more than their fair share of headaches this morning.

A baggage systems failure at Heathrow’s Terminal 3 and 5 forced many passengers to fly without their bags, reports Travel Mole. The problem, which first occurred early this morning, lasted until approximately 9 a.m.

Anyone travelling during that time was advised by the airport to travel without bags and to pack essentials in hand luggage.

Meanwhile, a power outage hit Brussels airport during this morning’s rush hour and is set to delay planes throughout the day.

Florence Muls of Brussels airport says the outage hit at 5 a.m. Thursday and specifically affected the luggage and air conditioning systems. Hundreds of passengers were left outside the terminal at dawn and were allowed inside around two hours later.

“There was no communication at all so nobody knew what was going on,” said passenger Karolien Coenen who missed her morning flight to Barcelona.

Passenger Daniel Stas arrived at dawn and said that “there was no electricity at all in the airport so we could not check in. Everything was blocked, computers were blocked, it was a real total blackout.”

All systems were back to normal by midmorning but by then the backup was such that it would affect schedules for the rest of the day.

“The system dealing with the luggage is extremely complex, it took time to restart it so several passengers have not been able to get theirluggage back or to leave with their luggage,” Muls said.

Despite the delays, the airport warned passengers to show up on time. The airport said incoming flights shouldn’t be affected.


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