CBC’s ‘The Covid Cruise’ documentary airs tonight

CBC’s ‘The Covid Cruise’ documentary airs tonight

TORONTO — A new CBC documentary airing tonight on TV looks at the February 2020 COVID-19 outbreak on Diamond Princess and the impact of the pandemic on the cruise industry.

‘The Covid Cruise’ is from The Nature of Things, CBC’s long-running documentary program.

In a preview trailer for the ‘The Covid Cruise’, host David Suzuki notes that in 2020 the coronavirus struck 73 cruise ships, leading to more than 3,000 infections and nearly 100 deaths.

One interviewee notes that in the wake of the Diamond Princess outbreak, Princess Cruises offered everyone onboard a free cruise for the future. “And despite what you might think, every passenger I talked to said they were going to take them up on it in the future.”

That’s not surprising to any travel agent who sells cruises.

‘The Covid Cruise’ airs tonight at 9 p.m. (EST). Your clients might be watching – and they will no doubt come to you with their questions about cruising post-COVID-19. See cbc.ca/natureofthings for more details.