Carnival doubles amount of reward points travel agents can earn

MIAMI — Carnival has doubled the amount of reward points travel agents may earn while playing Carnival Adventures, the line’s award-winning social learning game.

As part of the game, agents earn Fun Points that are then converted to reward points which are redeemable within the Travel Agent Rewards Program.

Prior to June 1, agents could redeem 100,000 Fun Points for 100 Reward Points. Moving forward, agents may redeem 50,000 Fun Points for 100 Reward Points, doubling their earning opportunity. Fun Points are redeemable in 50,000 increments only.

“Carnival Adventures is the most popular activity within our overall Carnival Passport learning management system and we wanted to show appreciation to travel agents for their enthusiasm and support of this groundbreaking educational tool,” said Joni Rein, vice president of worldwide sales for Carnival.

“Thousands of travel agents engage in Carnival Adventures each month and we’re committed to continually investing in these types of innovative travel agent learning tools.”

Available through Carnival Passport, which resides on the line’s travel agent Internet Portal,, Carnival Adventures is the cruise industry’s first interactive social learning game. The game features a ‘Carnival Cruise-Ader’ avatar, guiding agents through three levels of training, including first-time cruiser acquisition, Carnival booking tools and policies, and an in-depth training on Carnival’s fleet of ships.

While advancing through each level, travel agents will engage in friendly competition by earning Fun Points. Agents are able to exchange these Fun Points for points in the line’s popular Travel Agent Rewards Program. For each 50,000 Fun Points earned, agents may earn 100 Reward Program points.

For more information regarding Carnival Adventures, including terms and conditions for the point-earning process, travel agents may visit

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