Canadians take record number of overseas trips in October

Canadians take record number of overseas trips in OctoberOTTAWA — Canadians took 5.5 million trips abroad in October including a record number to overseas countries, up 0.1% from September, according to Statistics Canada.

Travel to the United States was unchanged in October at 4.7 million trips. However, trips to destinations other than the United States increased 0.5% to 816,000, the highest number since record keeping began in 1972.

Same-day car trips by Canadians to the United States decreased 0.7% to 2.7 million.

Travel of one or more nights to the United States rose 1.2% to 1.9 million trips. Overnight travel by car increased 2.8% to 1.2 million trips, while overnight travel by plane fell 1.3% to 667,000 trips.

Travel to Canada rose 0.6% in October to 2.1 million trips, led by an increase in trips from the United States.

Travel to Canada by overseas visitors fell 0.4% in October to 393,000. Among the top overseas markets to Canada, trips from China decreased 11.3%, while trips from France and Germany both increased by more than 6.0%.

Same-day car trips from the United States to Canada rose 0.3% to 619,000, an 11-month high.

Travel of one or more nights from the United States increased 0.9% to 1.0 million trips. Travel by car was up 2.4% to 581,000 trips, while travel by plane decreased 2.7% to 317,000 trips.

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