Canadians spend on average this much on flights per person

TORONTO — Canadians spend how much on flights? Although it’s a lot, it’s still not as much as our neighbours south of the border.

A new study by identified 14 different nationalities from around the world to find out how much on average they spend on flights per person, based on their five favourite travel destinations. The top destinations for each nationality were identified using a report from British property specialists Knight Frank. then used Skyscanner to figure out how much it would cost each nationality to fly from their home capital city to each capital city in their top five travel destinations between April 6-12. The site sought to use the cheapest direct flight return option for each destination. Where there were no direct flights available, the cheapest connecting flights return alternative was used.

So what did they find?

In fifth place, Canadians fork out an average of US$603 (approximately Can$820) on flights when travelling to their top five destinations of the United Kingdom, Mexico, France, Germany and Ecuador.

Saudi Arabians came in fourth, spending an average US$609 to the UAE, U.K., South Africa, Ecuador and Egypt, while the Chinese spend an average $688 on flights to the U.K., Hong Kong, Canada, France and India.

In second place were Australians, who splash an average of $742 on airplane tickets when going to the U.K., New Zealand, Japan, Spain and France.

And in first place? Spending an average of $846 on flights were Americans, who love travelling to the U.K., Canada, Mexico, France and Spain.

Of the 14 nationalities identified, the Irish and British spend the least on flights, at a mere average of $107 and $113, respectively.

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