Are Canadians sexy? One travel dating site seems to think so!

Are Canadians sexy? One travel dating site seems to think so!

TORONTO – People travel for all sorts of reasons – to eat good food, experience new cultures, learn about local history. But what about to land a hot date?, a leading online dating site for singles with a passion for travel, has published its list of ‘Sexiest Nationalities” based on the dating preferences of close to 100,000 men and women. What this essentially means, of course, is that armed with this list, hot singles can book a flight to destinations to find other hot singles – it’s the ultimate (and sexiest) travel tool!

Here are the Sexiest Nationalities for Women (based on dating preferences of 41,643 American men):

1.     American

2.     Armenian

3.     Canadian

4.     Cuban

5.     Colombian

6.     Filipina

7.     Barbadian/Bajan

8.     Australia

9.     English

10.  Italian

As for where to find the sexiest males? Canadian women won’t have to travel very far at all as Canuck males have topped the list!

Sexiest Nationalities for Men (based on dating preferences of 49,518 American women):

1.     Canadian

2.     American

3.     Australian

4.     Italian

5.     Spanish

6.     Korean

7.     Irish

8.     Chilean

9.     English

10.  Pakistani

We anticipate a spike in travel bookings to Nunuvut and Moose Jaw (wink, wink).

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