Canadian YouTube star forced to remove turban at San Francisco airport
Credit: JusReign.

Canadian YouTube star forced to remove turban at San Francisco airport

TORONTO — Just two weeks after an Indian-American actor was kicked off an Aeromexico flight for refusing to remove his turban, a similar experience took place at a San Francisco airport, this time to a well-known Canadian comedian.

Jasmeet Singh, also known as JusReign, spoke out on Twitter on Monday after he was forced to remove his turban for an airport security check in San Francisco, reports Global News.

Several tweets by the comedian and prominent YouTuber (he has over 680,000 subscribers) recount a private screening by airport security who eventually cleared him after he removed his turban. Singh then recounted how he asked for a mirror to put his turban back on, but was denied his request and told by security that he would have to “walk down the terminal to the nearest restroom…without my turban on.”

According to The Sikh Coalition, it’s mandatory for followers of Sikhism to wear a turban in public as a symbol of “love and obedience to the wishes of the founders of their faith,” reports The Huffington Post Canada.

“Listen, at the end of the day, the main issue wasn’t with me taking off my turban,” wrote Singh on Twitter. “I get it. I followed protocol. So they could feel safe. The issue is that after they made me remove it in a private room, I asked for a mirror to retie it again, which isn’t a complicated request. Instead, they told me to walk out to find a bathroom to retie. What was the point in putting me in a private room? That’s the insensitive part.”

Here’s a video he posted about his travel experiences in January:

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