Canadian travel to overseas countries up 1.5% in April

Canadian travel to overseas countries up 1.5% in April

OTTAWA — Travel by Canadian residents abroad fell 0.6% to 4.8 million trips compared with March.

But this decrease was largely due to the 1.2% decline in same-day car trips by Canadian residents to the United States, the type of travel least likely to be booked by agents.

The number of trips made by Canadian residents to overseas countries increased 1.5% to 929,000 trips.

In the other direction, there were 2.2 million trips made to Canada in April, the highest level since February 2010.

Travel from the United States increased 0.3% to 1.8 million trips. The number of same-day car trips from the United States rose 0.9% to 617,000 trips.

Travel from overseas countries also increased, up 2.6% to 441,000 trips. Among the top 12 overseas markets, nine recorded a gain in travel to Canada. Travel from France to Canada posted the largest increase, up 18.8% in April.

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