Canadian travel overseas up, to U.S. down in November

Canadian travel overseas up, to U.S. down in November

OTTAWA — The falling Canadian dollar seems to affecting travel to the U.S. but Canadians are still travelling overseas in big numbers.

In the other direction, Canadian travel abroad declined 0.6%, as a result of fewer trips by Canadians to the United States.

Canadian residents made 4.3 million trips to the United States in November, down 1.0% compared with October, according to Statistics Canada. A drop of 2.3% in same-day car trips to the United States accounted for most of the decline.

Trips by Canadians to overseas countries increased 1.7% to 928,000.

Travel to Canada fell 3.9% in November compared with October. The decrease was largely the result of fewer U.S. travellers to Canada.

Travel by American residents to Canada declined 4.7% to 1.7 million trips in November.

Declines were recorded in trips from the United States for all transportation modes, with car travel reporting the sharpest decrease. Same-day car travel fell 5.3% to 578,000 trips, while overnight car travel was down 6.1% to 550,000 trips.

Travel to Canada from overseas countries decreased 1.1% in November to 444,000 trips.

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