Canadian opinion of the U.S. at all-time low, travel plans affected

Canadian opinion of the U.S. reaches new low, travel plans affected

TORONTO — Fewer than half of Canadians have a favourable opinion of the United States, the lowest level recorded since 1982, says a new poll.

As part of its Focus Canada public opinion research program, the Environics Institute conducted interviews with 2,002 Canadians between April 3 and 15, 2017 and found that 20% of respondents have a “very unfavourable” opinion of the country, while another 33% say they hold a “somewhat unfavourable” view of the States.

In contrast to the Trump administration’s tightening of restrictions for visitors, immigrants and refugees, the Trudeau government in Canada is holding firm on its policies on diversity and inclusion, welcoming 35,000 Syrian refugees with little controversy.

The poll found that Canadians’ opinions about immigration remain as positive, if not more so, than last measured in October 2016.

The impact of the current political situation in the U.S. is largely impacting travel booking trends in Canada, with one in four Canadians reporting to have either changed, or thinking about changing, plans for visiting the U.S. this year.

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