Canada leads North American travel to the D.R.

Canada leads North American travel to the D.R.

TORONTO — Who loves the Dominican Republic the most? Turns out, it’s Canadians.

According to the Dominican Republic Tourist Board, the greatest number of tourists arriving in the country in July 2017 came from North America, comprising 58.3% of total visitors, with the largest group of arrivals hailing from Canada.

Total tourists in the country’s airports recorded a growth of 5.9%. Foreign tourists grew by 7.1%, predominantly comprised of Canadians, Americans and Mexicans.

The DR saw an annual increase of 3.6% in North American visitors, 71,505 more visitors than the previous year. Of this group, 43,587 additional tourists arrived from Canada, 27,646 from the U.S., and 272 more from Mexico.

This trend projects extraordinary fiscal year growth, taking into account that more and more tourists from cold countries, such as Canada, flock to the D.R. throughout its peak season in the winter months.

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