Calgary Airport receives 2,800 complaints – from two people

Calgary Airport receives 2,800 complaints – from two people

CALGARY — Some people have a lot of time on their hands. That seems to be the case with two Calgarians sent into a tizzy over noise levels at Calgary International Airport, voicing their dissatisfaction up to four times a day.

According to the Calgary Airport Authority, two people have been the source of 46% of all noise complaints for the airport. That’s 2,800 complaints made from two people alone.

According to CBC News Calgary, Bob Sartor, CEO of the Calgary Airport Authority, told city council that overall noise complaints were down more than one-third from the previous year.

“There are certain people that the only thing that will satisfy them is a shut down of an airport that employs 48,000 people directly and indirectly and generates almost $8.3 billion of GDP for the city,” said Sartor. “There are some constituencies with which we will never win.”

Sartor admitted there were mistakes made during the construction of the new tarmac in 2014. Even so, he said, new flight paths over industrial areas have forced planes to fly higher and straighter, effectively reducing the noise.

“And in fact, our complaints are down 39% year over year and if we were to back out the individuals who complain almost four times a day, they’d be down materially,” he said.

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