Brussels' public sector strike hits trains, buses, subway

Brussels’ public sector strike hits trains, buses, subway

BRUSSELS — Much of the transport in Europe’s capital, Brussels, came to a halt Wednesday as public sector workers held a one-day strike over Belgian government austerity measures.

International train lines like Thalys and Eurostar, the national SNCB railway system, bus and underground services were all hit hard by the strike, which is to run until late Wednesday.

The big Brussels Nord station was fully closed and the trains to Brussels from Paris and London were also severely affected, although those between London and Paris were running as normal. Thalys fast trains to Amsterdam, Cologne and Paris were also be hit.

“I had a lot of meetings today in Paris,” complained Nicolas De Kerangal, a French traveller. “I need to reschedule everything right now, and I will go to there tomorrow.”

Brussels airport authorities warned travellers to show up early and look for alternative transport, since although flights were unaffected getting to the airport was proving difficult.

Postal workers and teachers, as well as some police and fire services, are also set to join the strike.

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