British Airways launches portable rapid test kits for purchase

British Airways launches portable rapid test kits for purchase

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM — No one could have predicted a year ago that rapid medical testing kits would be a must-have carry on item for travellers. But thanks to British Airways, this is now very much a reality.

The airline has announced new discounted global antigen tests for customers that can be taken with them abroad, in preparation for their return journey back to the United Kingdom. The kits are being provided by government-approved Qured, are exclusively priced at £33 and can be ordered to any U.K. address.

“As we look forward and prepare for a safe return to travel, we remain focused on finding and offering the most convenient affordable testing options for our customers,” said British Airways’ CEO Sean Doyle. “Our teams were pleased to discover Qured, a unique new option which removes uncertainty and unnecessary expense for customers who may be concerned about sourcing a pre-departure test while away from home.”



The simple test is remotely administered by a professional health advisor over a scheduled video call. The advisor will guide the customer through taking a nose and throat swab and processing the sample. Verified results are available after 20 minutes and the customer can then download a ‘fit to fly’ certificate if the test is negative.

British Airways recently began trialling VeriFLY, a new travel health app designed to ensure customers meet the entry requirements of their destination by providing digital health document verification and confirming eligibility, before they depart for the airport. Test results from Qured and other test providers can be safely and securely uploaded to the app. The airline is in talks with all test providers to seek opportunities to have test results automatically sent to the VeriFLY app to make the process even easier for travellers.

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